Make Money Growing Microgreens Indoors

How one person made money on microgreens

Make Money Growing Microgreens Indoors!




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Darlene Thompson

After having lived in Canada's most northerly territory of Nunavut where outdoor gardening is nigh impossible, I started down my adventure of indoor gardening. I hope you find the various methods as exciting as I do!


  1. After reading your review I never gave ti a thought this would be a possibility, to think even if someone lived in a one bedroom flat or apartment, there is still money to be made in this area.

    Does the temperature of the room used for growing these crops make any difference or do you need to be kept in a cool area, my place gets really warm in summer and really cold in winter.

    • Hi Dave!  It really depends on what you mean by “really cold and really hot”.  Frankly, if a human being can tolerate it, the microgreens should be just fine.  Just make sure you use a heating mat or something like that in the winter for germination – that is the only critical time they need increased warmth.  Other than that, you’re good to go!

  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Make Money Growing Microgreens Indoors and explanation are given.

    I have often heard of IGrowing Microgreens Indoors so I decided to search on the internet. I have read many articles about it, but these are the best I have found with a lot of useful information. It’s a good way to create a passive income in my opinion and I will definitely try.

    Thanks again and keep in touch.

    • I’m so glad you liked my article!  I tell you, if I had let myself go on it, there would have been about 3 different videos and a lot more text, too!  I tried to keep it as compact as possible.

  3. Wow this is nice I must say that you have done a great job on this article as it is very interesting and informative too and I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.this is a nice business ideas just grow micro greens and after sometime get paid from selling them I think this would be great for 2020

    • Well, its winter now so you should get growing right away!  LOL I’m sure glad that you liked my article – thank you!

  4. This is totally awesome! I was trying to grow my own greens in my garage but they were getting too much LED light and ended up being faded, plus I didn’t know when to harvest them. I think microgreens will be easier since they operate on a shorter time frame. Which microgreens do you recommend to start?

    • Thank you!  I like a variety of tastes and colours.  My personal favourites are sunflower shoots, radish shoots and pea shoots but I also like to get some red kale or something like that as well for a splash of colour.  A lot of people like wheatgrass to make smoothies with although I am not a fan personally – LOL

  5. Wow what an outstanding idea in growing microgreens. Good to know that these crops can be so profitable and it makes sense since there is a real push toward healthy eating these days, which is definitely a good thing. We’ve come a long way since the the red steak and cigarette diet of the 1950s (exaggerating, slightly) so why no capitalize on that fact. Your five reasons are excellent reasons to get into this venture and I would imagine one could do very well especially in a large city. I will save your post and video as it might be something I’ll try starting up very soon, thanks for the great recommendation!

    • I’m so glad you liked this.  You are totally right about this being a perfect venture in a large city.  Just LOOK at all those high-end restaurants and shops that will pay big bucks for totally fresh microgreens.  I wish you success!

  6. hi, it’s great to be back at this awesome site. It’s pretty interesting that it is a two to three week growth cycle. About 14 days you said. My concern, Would be about bugs and that kind of thing. Growing soil indoors, there is a lot of Maintenance to it. so you really need the space, and you need the right Equipment. there might be a small start up cost I would imagine. How much would you say that is? I think if a person was willing to put in the time, and work, this would be a great way to add some extra profits every month.

    • Hiya Jake,  Actually, since it IS inside, pests are generally not a problem.  Just don’t go strolling through an outdoor garden or long grass and then march straight into your growing space.  The large manufacturers are actually very precise about people not bringing pests from outside in.  The soil isn’t a problem as all potting soil you buy is sterile and pest free.  There is very little maintenance once the seeds are planted except for the twice a day watering and the lights should be on timers.

      There is one couple who have a grow space in their basement who lives just north of Calgary (Canada).  They make over $100,000/year and they each work about 20 hours a week at it.  So, it really depends on the size of your grow.

  7. Hi Darlene. I saw that you have experience in indoor gardening, living in the northern part of Canada. I like your article because it provides information on how to make money, starting a small business that does not require a large investment. It’s great that in about 14 days you can already have production. Being inside, you can have production all year. The problem is the sale, how can you get a contract with a restaurant, for example?

    • Hi Carmen – with a restaurant you would need to get a hold of the chef.  Go to the restaurant at a non-busy time and bring samples of your produce for them to try.  In restaurants, it is the chef that is the real influencer for the purchasing decisions.

  8. Wow! Very inspiring posts! I have never thought of a good idea to make money through indoor gardening. This is a brilliant idea. Coupled with a detailed and complete way to start a business.
    Through your article, I came to mind to be able to do this too. Because the green vegetables we eat today, already contain a lot of chemicals. Where these chemicals, can have negative adverse effects on health. 

    For sure I will try it, even when searching for sales demand, at least I can use it for my kitchen use as well.
    By the way, what is the key success factors for the microgreens we plant?


    • Hi Kylie,  You would really have to work at it to mess up growing microgreens, to be honest.  I think the biggest factor would be right at the beginning, getting your name out there.  However, you can sell to your local community (deliver on a certain day of the week as per demand), to restaurants, to shops, and at farmer’s markets.  Its just a matter of getting the word out in the beginning then the recurring sales take over and you are golden!

  9. It is particularly amazing how much can be benefited from trading microgreens and consuming them. It seems like a perfect win-win scenario for farmers and consumers alike. From your explanation, it is clearly not something that is too difficult to start given its low start up cost.

    Not to mention its profit potential resulting from all year round growth and fast turnaround time. 

    I’m curious to know though, are there any special skill set required to set it up and make a full time income from growing these microgreens?

    • Thank you so much for your comments and in answer to your question:  no, not really.  Have you ever had a house plant that has lived for more than a year?  Well, then you can grow microgreens!  They grow so quickly that they are REALLY hard to mess up.

  10. Hey Darling; Your post has arisen my interest as I never thought this kind of farming was possible on a large scale where people could make money from it. I like to watch things grow, so I am always planting something.

     I shared the harvest with friends and family. I am sure that this post will serve as beneficial to many who are not eating healthy because of cost. They can now grow some Microgreen at home wherever they can find convenient.

    Do Microgreens include Asparagus and Porsline?


    • Hiya Dorcas!  Now, you have me a bit stumped on asparagus because neither my mom nor I have ever grown it.  I do not believe it would be good for this because the edible shoots only come up in the second year, right?  What we are looking for is something that comes up fast and we can sell (or eat!) fast.  I can’t see why purslane wouldn’t work, though.  If you try it, do let me know how it came out!

  11. Hey, It is very useful guide to Make Money Growing Microgreens Indoors. I enjoy and learn a lot while reading your article on Micro Greens Indoor system. Your guide is very helpful for farmers like my father. I will share this post to my father to start a small Indoor Grow Systems. We will earn some extra money via your helpful guide by growing some crop. Keep it up.

    • Parveen – you have made my day!  I sure hope that your dad enjoys growing these and I wish you all the best!

  12. Low startup cost and fast return are the Saint Greal!

    Thanks for showing the world this healthy alternative. Getting organic food alternative is harder every day. As a business the numbers never lie (if you fail to scale there will be the auto consumption alternative – as I see it, there is no way to get wrong following this path).

    Is there an alternative to the fluorescent lighting? (Can I use LlED lights and get the same results?)

    • Hi Juan – yes, I totally agree with you.  It’s all about scalability.  Actually, to answer your question, LEDs would be better (although more expensive) than fluorescents.  I, personally, prefer LEDs.  There are some excellent LEDs available at Amazon and you can see them in one of the ads below the post.  I wish you all the best!

  13. Rather an interesting one to come by now. This is a very great post that I know that anyone would found to be great. Microgreens can really be interesting to grow but truly, I have never tried them out before. I have always been the garden type that farms largely. This is another insight into gardening for me. Thanks so much for sharing here

    • They are very commonly served at high-end restaurants and you can find them in quality stores.  You should keep your eyes open for them as this is a very lucrative opportunity.

  14. With the lacking of farmgrounds and less people having a garden to grow their own vegetables, this way off growing your own food could be the future off living self sufficient. I think this could be very interesting , not just for selling, but also for having your own food, easily grown, with plenty of nutrients 🙂

    • Very well said, Lizzy!  You are absolutely right.  With urban sprawl, we are going to be needing these types of setups.

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